Ontario politicians apply lipstick to the pig of Long-Term Care Bed wait-lists for seniors

seniors graphic surrounded by helping hands
and our seniors and their family caregivers are being fed promises that will not materialize.

Yes, the voices of desperate politicians are louder than ever and we, at Voices of Markham and at Markham Seniors & Family Caregivers Coalition decided to look at the facts of long-term care in Ontario and in Markham. After all, recent election promises of 5,000-15,000-30,000 LTC beds by provincial parties must be viewed through a ‘reality’ microscope.

pig applying lipstick

Reality is the Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care does NOT BUILD or DEVELOP LTC homes. It approves, licences and regulates LTC homes. It awaits the private sector, not-for-profits/charities and, wait for it, municipalities to submit the development of new homes for the Ministry’s approval. That is why, you’ll note that there is no funding allocated for LTC homes in K.Wynne’s pre-election budget.

That is classic ‘lipstick on a pig’ thinking! Isn’t that great for political leaders! Promises without capital funding by government.

VIP FYI: the number of Ontario seniors on a waiting list as of Nov. 2017 is 32,775 for 78,000 or so for LTC beds. As for Markham, did you know that 3,434 people+ are on wait-lists for its 868 LTC beds?

couple of senior citizensTell that to Mom and Dad. The reality for family caregivers is expensive. Of course, the private sector residences offering personal care or memory care will be there to house Mom or Dad at a premium price. Adult diapers are extra. Our next post will feature an explanation of why the waiting list are so long. Stay tuned.

MSFCC’s ultimate goal is to engage Markham residents in advocating for more services for our seniors and family caregivers. Ideally, we will recruit your advocacy as well.

Email me to get the discussion going.

Robert Vallee