Introducing Markham Seniors & Family Caregivers Coalition to the Mayor of Markham and City Council

Markham senior and cargiver with Markham City Council and Help graphic

Dear City of Markham Council,

Last week, Marty Molengraaf, Christine Matthews and I met with the Mayor to introduce Markham Seniors & Family Caregivers Coalition to him.

Today I take this opportunity to introduce our coalition to you. I invite you to spend time on our website. Why?

‎Reason is that our 9 petitions are the first of many that will be part of our on-going discussions during the upcoming municipal/regional elections and for the next 4 years. Note that 6 of our petitions are Markham-related and the other 3 are provincial.

Our primary goal is to see the development of a “Made-in-Markham” strategy for seniors and family caregivers who look forward to benefiting from more ‘Made-in-Markham’ services that are social-housing and transportation in nature. Yes, those important services fall under the jurisdiction of York Region but the opportunity rests squarely in the hands of Council to bring about more than just social and recreational services and to do so through leadership and a thoughtful plan.

Case in point!

The City of Markham has a SERIOUS shortage when it comes to social housing for seniors with a waiting list of 6,077 seniors for 495 social beds in 5 not-for-profit residences in the City of Markham. There is much work to be done.

Our secondary goal is to bring about new long-term care facilities in Markham. Recent election promises of 5,000-15,000-30,000 LTC beds by provincial parties must be viewed through a ‘reality’ microscope. The Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care does NOT build or develop LTC homes. It approves, licences and regulates LTC homes. It awaits the private sector, not-for-profits/charities and, wait for it, municipalities to submit the development of new homes for the Ministry’s approval. That is why, you’ll note that there is no funding allocated for LTC homes in K.Wynne’s pre-election budget.

Case in point, again!

Municipalities do play an important role in the provincial inventory of LTC homes.

  • Did you know that the City of Toronto has 84 long-term care homes with 15,222 beds?
  • That 17% of their LTC beds (2,587 beds) are City of Toronto directly-operated?
  • As for Markham, did you know that 3,434 People are on waitlists for the 5 Long-Term Care facilities in Markham?
  • That Mon Sheong Care Markham’s recent addition of 92 LTC beds bring us to 868 LTC beds in Markham?
  • That the waiting list for Mon Sheong Care Markham beds is 3,700 seniors for 92 beds?

Again, there is much work to be done.

MSFCC’s ultimate goal is to engage Markham residents in advocating for more services for our seniors and family caregivers. Ideally, we will recruit your advocacy as well.

I look forward to hearing from you once you have reviewed our 9 petitions.

Thank you.


Robert Vallee
Markham Seniors & Family Caregivers Coalition