In Ontario, your Mom and Dad are SAFER in jail than in long-term care facilities.

composite image of prison inmate, family caregiver holding a photo of a parent and a graph illustrating statistics on abuse of seniors in LTCs.

The facts are brought to you by Correctional Service Canada’s Annual Report on Deaths in Custody for the years 2001-2015, Ontario Health Coalition’s recent report of 2019 and Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care.
Case in point: murdered inmate Adam Kargus, 29, was beaten to death by his London, ON. cellmate Anthony George in 2013. Kargus was one of 7 inmates-in-custody HOMICIDES in Ontario over a 15-year period (2000/2001 – 2014/2015). Repeat: 7 homicides in 15 years.

In Ontario, there were 29 homicides in long-term care homes in the past 6 years. Repeat: 29 homicides in 6 years. That number does not include the victims of LTC nurse Elizabeth Wettlaufer, who murdered 8 patients, some of whom were killed in the report’s time span. One victim was Meyer Sadoway.

Horrifying recap: 7 homicides of prison inmates in 15 years while 29 homicides of LTC seniors in 6 years!

So, who is responsible for the LTC homicides? The former Ontario Liberal Wynne government and Eric Hoskins, her former MOHLTC Minister as they mismanaged the long-term care of our seniors through negligence in policy and in execution throughout the long-term care system.

The ‘CARE’ answer for your Mom & Dad is HOME CARE as orchestrated by you in concert with family members as you bring in Personal Support Workers to support you, chosen by you and PAID FOR by the MOHLTC while you take time off work. But the bureaucrats in provincial government WILL NOT PAY YOU, the family caregiver, to do that for Mom and Dad. They want your Mom & Dad to be in THEIR care so your parents can potentially be subjected to a quick demise at the hands of a fellow LTC resident with dementia or a serial-killing staffer. If they agree to HOME CARE, then you will have to quit your job while they pay PSWs to show up for the occasional hour of care. All together now: “NOT GOOD ENOUGH MOHLTC!”

MISSING IN ACTION is Christine Elliott who is the Deputy Premier of Ontario and Minister of Health & Long-Term Care. She has been SILENT in responding to media inquiries on the issue of abuse of our seniors, leaving the replies to a staffer. STEP UP Christine Elliott! Ontario seniors in long-term care need a CHAMPION. Remind them that Wynne was an abysmal failure. Tell Ontario seniors how your Ministry will fix the problem. Or should I advise Ontario seniors to become criminals so they can enjoy relative safety in jail rather than experience an assassination attempt in an LTC facility?

Markham Seniors and Family Caregivers Coalition invites all Ontarians and especially those who are responsible for Mom & Dad’s care to view and sign 4 petitions in this regard at

Furthermore, contact Minister Christine Elliott at